Speaker Jared Heinke - Realscreen West 2017
Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows | Santa Monica, CA | June 6 – 8, 2017

Speaker Jared Heinke

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Jared Heinke

Head of Digital

Whalerock Industries

Jared Heinke is Head of Digital at Whalerock Industries, a media and technology company based in West Hollywood, California. In this position he oversees all digital and technology aspects of the company and leads a team of over 100 people.

In February 2015, he and his team launched Whalerock’s groundbreaking direct-to-consumer OTT multi-media hubs that integrate music, video, live streaming,
e-commerce, and gaming. Later that year, he oversaw the launch of the OTT apps for the Kardashian/Jenner sisters and Golf Media for Tyler the Creator. In 2016, Heinke and his team developed and now operate Emoji keyboards for Kim Kardashian West (KIMOJI), the Los Angeles Lakers (Showtime! Stickers), Ellen DeGeneres (Emoji Exploji), and the NFL Players Association (Any Given Emoji). Additional Whalerock partners in the digital arena include Sirius XM, Howard Stern, Warner Bros., Viacom, MSN and Microsoft.

Since being named Head of Digital at Whalerock in December 2011, Heinke responsibilities include supervision of content creation and operation of some of the most popular digital properties including the interactive celebrity destination Wonderwall, Purple Clover, Mom.me and Tested.

Heinke joined Whalerock Industries in November 2007 as a member of the unscripted television department and later was named head of the department. He is a graduate of New York University.

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